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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park- Kahuku Unit

We have had a few guests come and stay over the last week.   Each time a guest arrives I thank them for coming on behalf of the entire Island of Hawaii!   We are grateful for those who choose not to cancel and make the best out of a unique situation.   As an island that relies on tourism for so many jobs, the economy has taken a huge hit and many folks are being laid off island wide. Even the usually bustling Punalu’u Bakery in Na’alehu has had to lay off staff.   As I previously promised, I wanted to give a fair and honest assessment of the Kahuku Unit of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.   Honestly, I have driven past this part of the park a lot on my way to and from Kona, and never really thought to stop.   Since this is now one of the few options for hiking in the park I really wanted to check it out. The Kahuku Park entrance is a mile from the South Point road turn off.   If you plan to check out Green Sand Beach or South Point, you are already right here if you want to check

The New "Normal"

I know it has been a while since I posted anything, but that’s because we went on vacation ourselves.   The trip was already planned prior to Madam Pele’s latest activity, a cruise to Alaska, The Last Frontier!   Truthfully, I was hoping while we were away the activity at the summit would cease, the lava flow in the east rift zone would mellow out and we would find our new “normal” when we returned.   I really stayed disconnected for most of the trip, but every now and then I would hear a little something here or there and we were close enough to shore I got a little signal on my phone.   It all seemed to be the same kind of news I was hearing before we left. I spent the last couple of days trying to catch up on everything I missed while on vacation (you know how that goes right?) The East Rift Zone in Leilani Estates continues to have an active eruption with changing vent locations, fissures starting and stopping and a fast-moving flow into the ocean.   The most active fissure,