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Rainforest Living

Here we are a few days into Spring 2019!   It was a gorgeous sunny day, ALL day, until I finally finished cleaning rooms and getting all the laundry done…then came the rain.   Eh, it’s okay! We can’t have all the vegetation without the rain and Volcano Village wouldn’t be the same without either of them!   It’s a unique place to call home.    Living in the middle of a rainforest next to one of the most active volcanoes in the world!     If you choose to stay with us, it will be your home for a few days too.   Most likely, where ever you live during your non – vacation life isn’t anything like Volcano or the Big Island of Hawaii.   How we live is very different as well.   We ask you to please remove your shoes upon entering our home.   We provide slippers that you can wear instead, or you can go island style like we do, barefoot!   We ask you to remove your shoes to assist in not spreading germs, dirt and even chemicals that you may have picked up throughout your travels.   It i