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What’s Happening with the Volcano?

 On December 20, 2020 Hale'mau'mau Crater began filling with lava again.  I remember that evening before we went to bed, the dogs were acting restless and we had an earthquake.  We were exhausted so we drifted right off to sleep.  A few hours later, around 12:30 I woke up.  Curious about the magnitude of the earthquake we had, I opened my phone to Volcano’s trusty coconut wireless, Facebook, and before my eyes were post after post about Kilauea erupting again!  I couldn’t believe it and I was so excited Madam Pele was blessing us  with her with her presence once again! I woke Randy up and said “Rand, Hale'mau'mau is erupting again! Look!” “Huh?” he groggily replied.   “When…?” “It just started at 9ish after the earthquake.” I said. “Should we go?” he asked. “I think we should.” I said excitedly. So, we got up at 12:45 am drove five minutes to the park and watched the lava pouring back into the crater.   Steam was heavy as the lava dissolved the water lake th

Glamping is coming to VAR!

  OMG I am so excited about the next chapter at VAR!   While we were closed due to COVID, I was working a 9-5.   One morning I realized we have hardly seen anyone, we haven’t traveled, we haven’t gone camping and I need a break!   I ordered a tent, air mattress and folding chairs on, picked it up on my way home, and that night Randy cooked under the stars and we slept on the most uncomfortable deflating air mattress ever!   But from that night my vow to bring Glamping to VAR was born!   Ok, honestly, it’s something I had been thinking about for quite some time, but never really put it into action because we were always so busy running multiple properties.   In hindsight, I am not sure how we did it, but the pandemic did have a way of putting what is important for the future into focus.   Part of the charm and the whimsy of Glamping is having all the amenities and modern creature comforts you want but being close to nature and its beauty.    “Lucky we live Hawaii” is a man