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The Re-Opening of Hawaiii Volcanoes National Park is FINALLY Here!!

As we wait out the passing of Hurricane Lane (and while we still have internet and electricity) I wanted to address the re-opening of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. HVNP announced on August 21 st that it has set a goal to reopen parts of the park by September 22 nd , which is National Public Lands Day (park entrance fees are usually waived during this day so not only will they re-open, but you can get in for FREE!)   The theme for National Public Lands Day is appropriately titled Resilience and Restoration.   It’s not for certain WHAT will reopen, but it is suspected it will be in a limited capacity.   There is A LOT of work to be done, assessments of what can be ready to reopen and what will take more time. The park is relying on not only paid staff, but volunteers to assist in getting the park back on track.   It must be a community effort!!     Park staff have been reaching out to do a series of “talk story” meetings with local communities (especially Volcano Village) to

What Volcano??

I hate to say it, but the media has done it to us AGAIN!   For months after the most current eruption started they couldn’t tell you enough about the flowing lava, acid rain, vog, sulfur dioxide, laze, explosions at the summit and all those earthquakes.   Now that it has stopped? Coqui frogs! (On the mainland you hear crickets!)   Just a week ago I posted an update on the latest activity.   I haven’t seen a single paper, magazine, online blog or news article that has done the same.   I haven’t seen anyone come along and say, “Hey everyone the Volcano has stopped!”   Our tourism is still suffering, and we are headed into our slowest time of the year.   I can speak for many on the island when I say we are still holding on, we might even see a faint glimmer of light at the end of the lava tube, but we need YOU to know we can’t do it without you! There are some amazing prices on flights to Hawaii right now.   Some airlines are offering less than $400 round trip from major citi

Times Are A Changing!!

I haven’t posted anything in a while because truthfully there wasn’t much in the way of changes.   Lava was pouring out of fissure 8, earthquakes were happening at the summit of Halemau’mau and from Pahoa town at night you could see the glow of the lava river. Yesterday, some MAJOR changes happened which is worthy of disclosing! Fissure 8 down in Pahoa slowed down the amount of lava it was pumping out.   The river of pahoehoe that was rushing along at 20+ miles per hour is starting to crust over and now is slow moving a’a lava.   The lava headed towards the Pohiki boat ramp has also come to a standstill. Here at the summit, at Halemau’mau, earthquake activity has slowed WAY down.   While there are still a few an hour, most of them are small and we haven’t felt one in going on 48 hours. (Which considering we were feeling up to a half a dozen a day at least is a major change!)   The crater seems to not be slumping or collapsing in on itself any more. What does this mean??