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Hurricane Season 2019

I feel like I blog or post about this every year, but considering most of our guests are new to the islands each year it seems important to revisit important information.  For  our guests  traveling to Hawaii June through November, we want to share with you some information about Hurricane season, specifically as it relates to us on the Big Island. The Big Isand of Hawai‘i is not immune to hurricanes but thanks to its large volcanic mountains, Mauna Loa and Muana Kea, they help obstruct approaching storms, diverting them around the island which means we may get rain and wind, but in a much more subdued than one would expect.  Of course, in the vast Pacific Ocean, even the Big Island represents a pretty small target for the center of a tropical cyclone.    There are several reasons why this happens so often.  Drier, more stable air from the subtropical high to the northeast of Hawaii eventually inhibits thunderstorms from persisting and remaining clustered near the cyclone's