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Glamping is Here! (Almost)

Let the glamping begin!  We are super excited that we can finally see a completion date for our new glamping site   Kahua Ho’omoana.  We have opened reservations to start booking as of June 1st.  Our off-grid glamping site is in the back 3 acres where our goats and donkey spend their days grazing away. We have erected a fence around the glamping site to ensure the animals cannot get into the tent or camp kitchen.  We provide a wagon to take luggage and personal belongings to the glamping site along the lit gravel pathway but do recommend packing light if possible.  Sitting on top of a 20’ x 22’ deck, the 16 ft. diameter bell tent is made of a durable natural cotton fiber suited for all weather use during all 4 seasons.  It is waterproof and windproof up to 30 MPH winds.   The tent is outfitted with a queen size bed with a memory foam & gel mattress, luxurious linens, and fluffy pillows. It features a cafĂ© table with chairs, a writing desk which doubles as a charging station for p