The Re-Opening of Hawaiii Volcanoes National Park is FINALLY Here!!

As we wait out the passing of Hurricane Lane (and while we still have internet and electricity) I wanted to address the re-opening of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

HVNP announced on August 21st that it has set a goal to reopen parts of the park by September 22nd, which is National Public Lands Day (park entrance fees are usually waived during this day so not only will they re-open, but you can get in for FREE!)  The theme for National Public Lands Day is appropriately titled Resilience and Restoration. 

It’s not for certain WHAT will reopen, but it is suspected it will be in a limited capacity.  There is A LOT of work to be done, assessments of what can be ready to reopen and what will take more time. The park is relying on not only paid staff, but volunteers to assist in getting the park back on track.  It must be a community effort!!   Park staff have been reaching out to do a series of “talk story” meetings with local communities (especially Volcano Village) to get some feedback on what new direction the park should consider when reopening.  Until the park closed on May 3rd, almost 2 Million visitors explored the park a year.  Discussion about if we should return to these numbers or limit the number of visitors coming through is a very passionate topic. While we absolutely want to see the return of tourism, what if we could give a better over all experience to a more limited number of guests?  It’s something we have thought about just as innkeepers and hosts.  We’d love to hear some feed back from past guests as well as future guests on how you feel about the topic.  Message us or send us and email!


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