What Volcano??

I hate to say it, but the media has done it to us AGAIN!  For months after the most current eruption started they couldn’t tell you enough about the flowing lava, acid rain, vog, sulfur dioxide, laze, explosions at the summit and all those earthquakes.  Now that it has stopped? Coqui frogs! (On the mainland you hear crickets!) 

Just a week ago I posted an update on the latest activity.  I haven’t seen a single paper, magazine, online blog or news article that has done the same.  I haven’t seen anyone come along and say, “Hey everyone the Volcano has stopped!” 

Our tourism is still suffering, and we are headed into our slowest time of the year.  I can speak for many on the island when I say we are still holding on, we might even see a faint glimmer of light at the end of the lava tube, but we need YOU to know we can’t do it without you!

There are some amazing prices on flights to Hawaii right now.  Some airlines are offering less than $400 round trip from major cities to Kona!  Prices haven’t been that low in years and I can assure you when word gets out and business picks back up they won’t be that low again.  Why not take advantage and come now?

Hotels, B&B’s, Vacation Rentals all want your business and most of them have specials running right now.  Usually we run specials this time of year anyway but given the latest downturn we are offering even more in the way of discounts and incentives. If you don’t see a special offered, JUST ASK!  Like your momma always said you won’t know if you don’t ask!

Restaurants, museums, art galleries, local tourist spots and beaches are not as crowded as they have been, so take advantage of seeing something amazing and not having to fight the crowds! It will get busy again someday and you will wish you had come earlier when it wasn’t as crowded and didn’t cost you as much!

As far as the volcano is concerned, not much has changed since my last post. The Volcano has remained quiet for over a week. There haven’t been any collapses at the summit.  As of today, the data they have collected from the summit shows no net accumulation or significant magma or pressurization as would be expected if the system was ramping back up for more collapses.  

Except for a small, crusted over pond of lava in Fissure 8 and a few scattered ocean entries there is no lava flowing the lower east rift zone.  There is a new black sand bar at Pohiki and new pond.  When we will get to enjoy it, we don’t know for sure, but we are glad it is there for the future.

It is still too soon to tell if this change is temporary or the end of the eruption and summit collapse. During the 1955 eruption in the lower east rift zone which lasted 88 days, similar pauses of 5 and 16 days occurred.  During the Mauna Ulu eruption from 1969-1974 a 3.5 month pause happened in late 1971.

History is still being made and it is more affordable now than it has been in years!  You should take advantage of it!


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