Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the Government Shut Down

It's been a tough year for the Big Island and it seems we may have to wait until 2018 for an improvement.  This is directly from the HVNP website regarding Alerts in changes to the park.

Hawaii National Park, HI – During the shutdown of the federal government due to a lapse of appropriations, Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park will remain as accessible as possible while still following all applicable laws and procedures. Some park roads, trails, and viewpoints in Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park will remain accessible to visitors, but emergency and rescue services will be limited. 

There will be no National Park Service (NPS)-provided visitor services in the park including public information, but the following areas will remain open: 

•  Kīlauea Visitor Center (KVC), picnic tables and restrooms. KVC exhibits will be open; KVC auditorium will be closed and films will not be shown. 
•  The Hawai‘i Pacific Parks Association store in KVC will be open. 
•  Crater Rim Drive from park entrance to Kilauea Military Camp
•  Crater Rim Trail between Volcano House and Kilauea Military Camp 
•  Volcano House lodging, gift stores and restaurants 
•  Kilauea Military Camp & Theatre 
•  Volcano Art Center Gallery
•  Steam Vents and Sulphur Banks 
•  Mauna Loa Road to Kīpukapuaulu (vehicles not permitted past the gate at Kīpukapuaulu)
•  Mauna Loa Road to Mauna Loa Lookout – pedestrians and bicyclists only
•  Kīpukapuaulu day use picnic area (no trash or custodial services or – pack it in, pack it out only) 
•  Kīpukapuaulu and trail 
•  Ka‘ū Desert Trail to the Footprints shelter and exhibit 

The rest of the park will be closed, including Chain of Craters Road, Escape Road, all campgrounds, all backcountry areas, and Kahuku. Entrance fees will not be charged. 

Because of the federal government shutdown, NPS social media and websites will not be monitored or updated and may not reflect current conditions. All NPS events have been canceled, including ranger-guided hikes, and volunteer stewardship programs. 


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